Parental Rights Petition

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We ask that our Legislators demonstrate faith and confidence in our South Carolina families and the parents. We ask that our Legislators cosponsor and vote yes to pass the Parental Bill of Rights in South Carolina.

I support the Parental Bill of Rights because of how different state entities and institutions interact with our children and families and the sporadic nature of laws throughout our statutes. It doesn't give a clear picture of the obligation they have to interact with that family.

Therefore, by putting it all into one statue, by codifying the standard set forth in case law - most people do not consult case law - so by doing that all in one place, we give a guide to the state entities or institutions who interact with our children, a guide for what their obligation is. We also provide parents one place to go where they can understand what their rights are.

Stronger families mean a stronger nation. Families must feel secure in their liberty to raise their children according to the dictates of their conscience. Parents should be applauded, not penalized, for investing time in the discipline and nurturing of their children.

Parents, not social workers or teachers, are best positioned to make decisions for their children. Other than in cases of genuine child abuse, which should be treated as a crime, the fundamental right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children should, in every case, trump the policy objectives of bureaucrats and social workers.

Parental Bill of Rights legislation will help re-establish the sanctity of the home as a fundamental principle of liberty for our free society.